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The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Whittier. We are Whittier. We are Community. 

Covid-19 advisory

The well-being of our volunteers and consumers is our top priority. We are actively monitoring the current environment for COVID-19 related risks and we continue to implement plans and processes to help keep our employees safe and healthy. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we are taking additional actions to help reduce the spread of the virus. To support public health guidance from medical experts we are practicing  social distancing, and complying with all CDC guidelines. We would also like to ask our customers if you are sick please stay home.






Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary Whittier

Best Cannabis Dispensary in Whittier


Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary is a full service cannabis dispensary located in Whittier, California. We take great pride in knowing we have some of the best priced medical cannabis products in California. At Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary, we take our role as providers of marijuana seriously. We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. When you leave our dispensary, we want you to feel like you have had the best possible experience.


At Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary, we do one thing and we do it very well: We sell Cannabis, in the widest available range of high-quality strains and at the most affordable prices in the Whittier. Whether you prefer to smoke it, eat it, or drink it, we have what you need. Our edibles and concentrates are second to none. Our staff also has dozens of recipes for marijuana-infused bakery items, teas, tinctures, and fruit juices. If you have a favorite recipe to share, let us know, and we will add it to our list.


Come down to Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary today and let our kind and professional staff help you pick the right medicine for your needs. As we’re able to serve an even broader customer base of recreational and medicinal marijuana users, there’s nothing stopping us from growing, thriving, and helping customers find that perfect match. We are the top rated dispensary in Whittier. If you are asking yourself where is there a dispensary near me in Whittier we are right here!




We have made it our mission to provide educational, friendly customer service paired with high quality, locally produced cannabis and cannabis derived products. We provide a comfortable and professional environment in a boutique-style setting that allows our customers to count on an exceptional experience every time! Quit searching for a cannabis dispensary near me and just come visit us!


Staffed by friendly, highly knowledgeable cannabis experts, our dispensaries serve both medical and recreational marijuana consumers. People travel from near and far to purchase from our wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals in our welcoming recreational and medical dispensaries. At Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary, we believe in providing only the highest quality products and never carry pre-packaged cannabis. Unlike many dispensaries, we hand select and weigh every bud right in front of you! We also offer a loyalty program and daily specials for both medical and recreational consumers. Voted the best Cannabis Shop in Whittier year after year!




Not all cannabis is created equally, and the same is true of dispensaries. When you’re looking for a weed shop that goes beyond premium products, Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary is the caring and conscientious partner you need.


With varius cannabis strains to choose from, Whittier customers enjoy easy access to superior cannabis products, and we’re happy to do the heavy lifting for you. Choosing between edibles, tinctures, vape products, and more can be confusing and intimidating, especially when you don’t have any way to gauge the quality of products you’re purchasing. Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary carefully chooses reputable manufacturers in order to stock safe, consistent, and effective products that deliver the potency and flavor you expect. The products we sell reflect on our business, and we want our name to be synonymous with excellence. 


We’re also happy to help you find the perfect products. Call us on 323-799-8334 or visit one of our convenient locations to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. When you tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll provide you with a range of options so you can choose the topicals, tinctures, or other products that best suit your needs. We are your neighborhood cannabis shop!




We view our primary purpose at Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary Whittier  as helping our clients ease their pain and treat their conditions. We know which strains work best for which conditions, which ones you can use in the daytime (e.g., Cinderella 99), and which you’d be better off saving for bedtime (e.g., Grape God). If you have a particular strain in mind, we probably have it. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you find it. At Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary, marijuana is not just our job; it is our passion.


Whether you are looking for pure THC products or CBD rich options, Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary Whittier offers a wide selection of everything cannabis. We encourage our guests to ask questions and utilize our collective knowledge base to select the best cannabis product for your particular needs. Come see us today at Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary and let our cannabis experts help you pick out the perfect strain of marijuana for you!




Come see us today. We love our communy, that why they voted us best cannabis shop year after year!  Let our cannabis experts help you pick out the perfect strain of marijuana for you!

You will not find a wider range of cannabis strains anywhere. Of course, we stock all the popular ones but we also carry more obscure and specialized strains that are useful in treating particular conditions.




Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary has a wide variety of products. We carry everything from traditional flower buds, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, topicals, prerolls, and shake. Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary strives to have variety within these products to fit our clientele’s needs, trying to have Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica options for our products. We value all the needs of our cleints here at this cannabis shop! We carry a lot of brands that have been in the Cannabis Industry for nearly a decade. If your looking for the best cannabis dispensary Whittier … we are here for you. At this cannabis shop you will find it all!




Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary is a medical and recreational Whittier Cannabis Dispensary located at 10424 Whittier Blvd Whittier, CA 90606 Whittier California. We are open daily from 8am to 12am daily. We can be reached during those hours at 323-799-8334 to answer your medical or recreational cannabis questions. Give us a call or stop by at Club Lit Cannabis Dispensary for all your medical marijuana or recreational marijuana needs. Visit us today, and bring a friend! We are voted top Cannabis Dispensary Whittier for a reason so come visit us!






10424 Whittier Blvd. Whittier CA 90606